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Check-out this simple process for creating cavity glass panels in KD Max.

While we recommend certain panel types during this tutorial, the material editor tool can be used to make any item become transparent.



Firstly, navigate to Start > Product List to open the product catalogue. We’ll then select the category called 08: End Panel > End Panel. Now select the Decorative Panel. 


Once you have selected the Decorative Panel enter the dimensions of this panel. For the Width field, you’ll want to enter your material thickness. In this case, I have entered 20. The Depth refers to the length of the material. I have entered in 1600. Lastly, Height refers to the height of the material. I have entered 2400. For the Location field, I have set mine to On Floor which will place my panel directly on the floor. Once the measurements are OK click Fix and place the panel in the drawing.


Now select the Material Editor tool by clicking the Edit tab. This will allow us to select the panel in our drawing and make changes such as reflection and transparency. After selecting the panel press the Create button. This will separate the panel from others of the same type so as not to edit all other decretive panels. As we want to make this into a glass panel we want to set our Type to Glass.


Now navigate to the Color tab. You’ll want to change your material colour to white by changing the sliders to 1, 0.00, 1.00. This will make the panel more transparent. Note that the material will not appear as glass until the drawing is rendered.


We now need to apply this setting to all the faces of the Decorative Panel. We do this using the Apply and then selecting all the surfaces of the panel. Note that to move the camera while you select the surfaces you can use the View tab.

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