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KD Max is the cabinet design software solution for your business.

When it comes to major investments like kitchens and bathrooms, people want to know exactly what they’re getting. Plans or hand drawings are no longer enough to help the average home-owner visualise their project.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and through our cabinet design software, KD Max, you can produce hyper-realistic 3D cabinet designs faster. A single KD Max project can easily render countless images to express the full scope of perspectives and styling choices for your client.

Expert presentation no longer relies on years of training or overly expensive, complicated cabinet design software. Design better, faster and sell more with KD Max.

cloud rendering


We understand the value of saving time, especially in the workplace. This is why KD Max, our cabinet design software, doesn’t just allow you to produce spectacular designs, but it’s intuitive and straightforward interface makes it fast and easy to use.

A simple drag & drop style takes the stress and time out of designing, while intelligent features allow you to demonstrate your creative flair & style.

What’s faster than designing in KD Max? Well, rendering is now quicker than ever. The all-new cloud rendering functionality allows you to render a hyper-realistic design in less than five minutes.


KD Max, our cabinet design software has many intelligent and innovative features, below is a quick overview.

  • Vast & customisable library of cabinets, models and door styles
  • Simple drag & drop process
  • Lightning fast cloud rendering
  • Plans and elevations
  • Real time dimensions
  • Quotations

A simple process combined with extensive features such as above, allows you to provide the added depth and detail for that professional level of presentation.


KD Max is used by kitchen & bathroom designers, cabinet makers, builders, and other professionals to provide the ultimate presentation experience for their clients, in a matter of minutes. Whether you have design experience or not, producing hyper-realistic visuals for your projects becomes a breeze with cabinet design software, KD Max. Design the following:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Wardrobes
  • Laundries
  • Office Spaces
  • and so much more


Cabinets by Computer Welcome Pack

Send us a quick enquiry about your interest in KD Max and we will send you a free information kit with samples of what this amazing software has to offer.

Please note: Cabinets by Computer are only authorised to sell KD Max in Australia and New Zealand.

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