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What is KD Max?

KD Max is professional cabinet design software tailored for kitchen shops and all kinds of cabinet manufacturers. It is highly user-friendly and customer-oriented that cabinet salesperson can use it to create photo-realistic perspectives, various spreadsheets, plan and elevation within 15 minutes.

Do you have a trial version I can use?

No we do not have a trial version for you to test. KD Max has a long track record of providing a very high level of customer satisfaction. The results KD Max produce speak for themselves, if you require another person to confirm how good the product is we would be happy to put you in contact with some of our customers who use KD Max. We are sure they will give you an unbiased appraisal of the product and how it can help your business.

Does KD Max have a cutting list?

Yes KD Max has a cutting list option.

Can you have KD Max on more than one computer?

KD Max software can be loaded onto multiple computers.

Is KD Max easy to use?

KDMax is very user friendly, it has inbuilt tutorial’s to make learning the software a simple as possible. Or if you would prefer Cabinets by Computer offer training which can be provided one to one, over the phone or by using video link up.  Please view our “how it works” page to see how quickly a project can be completed when you are experienced at using KD Max.

Can KD Max generate 2d drawings and 3d renders of kitchens/bathrooms etc?

KD Max can generate photo realistic 3D renderings as well as 2D layouts. Please view our “How it works” page to see the different types of layouts it can produce.

Can KD Max provide a quote?

Yes KD Max can provide a quotation. KD Max is equipped with an accurate quotation system. With a click of a button, KD Max will automatically calculate the quantity of materials usage, materials costings and profit margins.

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