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KD Max is a professional cabinet and kitchen design software solution tailored for cabinet makers, kitchen and bathroom designers and any trade professional. It is highly user-friendly and customer-oriented that cabinet salesperson can use it to create photo-realistic perspectives, various spreadsheets, plan and elevation within 15 minutes.
No, we do not have a trial version for you to test. KD Max has a long track record of providing a very high level of customer satisfaction. The results KD Max produce speak for themselves if you require another person to confirm how good the product is we would be happy to put you in contact with some of our customers who use KD Max. We are sure they will give you an unbiased appraisal of the product and how it can help your business. An alternative is we can offer you a complimentary demonstration of KD Max. To book your demonstration please click - here
We understand that purchasing KD-Max is a big investment and even though we cannot provide you with a trial version, we do our very best to show you the benefits of our program with a dedicated one on one demonstration. Our dedicated KD Max consultant will organise a time with you and walk you through the program step by step. To book your demonstration please click - here
Yes KD Max has a cutting list option.
KD Max can be installed on as many computers as needed, however, it is only usable on one computer at any given time. Additional licence keys can be purchased if required.
KDMax is very user friendly, it has inbuilt tutorial’s to make learning the software a simple as possible. Or if you would prefer Cabinets by Computer offer training which can be provided one to one, over the phone or by using video link-up.  Please view our "how it works" page to see how quickly a project can be completed when you are experienced at using KD Max.
KD Max will produce 2D plans and elevations based on the cabinetry in the 3D drawing.
Yes KD Max can provide a quotation.
KD Max will produce 2D plans and elevations based on the cabinetry in the 3D drawing.
KD Max is a Windows-based program, meaning it will only operate on devices running a Windows operating system. Please contact us if you require any further clarification.
KD Max is a cabinet design software program, meaning it can create cabinet designs for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and much more. There is also a library of 3D models for visual purposes such as baths and appliances.

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