CADCode: Product Design and Engineering

CADCode supports multiple design environments

Manufacturing is about making stuff, which is about making money. CADCode offers reliable solutions that make the design-to-manufacturing process simple, efficient, and flexible.

There are multiple approaches to product design and engineering, from drawing on paper to CAD to using parametric formulas in a spreadsheet. Ultimately, these approaches distill into a set of mathematical data that describe the item to be manufactured and the processes required to shape and prepare it for finishing and assembly.

CADCode lets you use one or more methods by supporting data import from multiple sources – a manually entered CSV table, a DXF or DWG CAD drawing, specialized cabinet, closet or kitchen design software, a database or spreadsheet tied to order entry, or a solid modeling program.

You don’t have to draw it to make it

Visualisation is key to the design process. The typical approach is to draw what needs to be made and then convert that into product specifications and machining processes. However, many designers don’t realize it’s possible to go directly from conception to defining the product with mathematical formulas – the same formulas derived from a drawing.

CADCode’s flexibility in importing data from many different sources allows you to link it to parts data coming from an end-user’s spreadsheet, database, ERP system, and other source that bypasses the drawing process and go directly to processing the data for optimization, machine program generation, and label creation.

CADCode has solutions to help you make stuff – and make money – whatever your product engineering and design approach. We prefer an open-systems approach that allows the user to determine what components work best for their manufacturing systems. Check with us to see if your design and engineering software will work or can be made to work with CADCode.

Do you design with CAD?

BricsCAD® gives you all of the power of AutoCAD at a fraction of the cost and integrates seamlessly with CADCode’s ACAM™ (Automated CAM Module) to speed up parts processing, assign complex toolpaths at the click of a button, and export parts and complete assemblies in a single drawing rather than as a collection of DXF files. Ask for a demo of CADCode’s ACAM™ in our Online Enquiry Form and find out why it’s a ‘must-have’ for our users.

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