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Check-out this simple process for importing 3D models into KD Max.



To begin importing the model download and locate the 3DS or SKP file on your computer and open KD Max.


Begin a new KD Max drawing to avoid over-writing any existing projects. It is best to import models into a newly created scene as we will be adding the object to the product library.


Navigate to the 3D mode in KD Max and then navigate to File > Import .MTF (3dMax) to begin importing the 3D model.


Click the button next to File and locate the downloaded model. Once you have selected the model select Clear Current Scene under Merge Options and uncheck Explode if required. Now click OK to import the model.


Now navigate to Files > Add Products, left-click on the model, then right-click to confirm. You’ll now be able to specify the basic properties of the model such as Name and Size. You can also upload an image of the model or create an image based on the current KD Max scene.


Newly imported models can be found in the Products List under Others/User library.

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