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Saving your design is an obvious and crucial step in any project. Check out our top recommendations below regarding the save process.


To begin, Select Service-> VR Settings from the upper menu.

In the pop-up window, ensure that Auto-save is checked, enter your preferred auto-save timing, and uncheck the AutoSave Prompt setting.

Disabling the prompt section will mean that KD Max will automatically auto-save your design in the background at a regular interval of your choosing (30 minutes was selected in the example below).

Keeping the AutoSave Prompt setting will simply prompt you with a pop-up to save your design, rather than doing so automatically.

Top Tip:
We recommend manually saving, naming your projects and selecting a save location as soon as possible with new designs. This provides a clear reference for any future auto-saves that occur. At a minimum, you should initially save your design once you switch to the 3D Design stage.

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