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The introduction of KD Max V10 has brought with it an abundance of new features, along with improvements to the features we already know and love. 

This simple tutorial demonstrates how simple it can be to covert doors or drawers through the redesign door menu. The function can be used for simple or complex changes. This particular example will convert a simple double door unit into a combination of drawers and doors.

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Navigate to Door > Redesign Door in the menu.


Select Door/Drawer panels, Right-click to confirm.

Ok to continue to Door Design.

Doors/Drawers will reset to 1 left open Door.


Changing a Door to Drawer

Right-click to select Door panel > Drawer.


Setting specific height of bottom drawer section

In the example, a 720 high section is created for the bottom section.

Right-click to select door > Divide

Type = Horizontal Direction

Untick Equal divide.

Set “To Bottom”

A: 720

Select OK


Setting top Drawer to a specific height

In the example, a 150 high Drawer is created.

Right-Click to select Bottom Drawer section > Divide.

Type = Horizontal Direction

Untick Equal Divide

Set “To upper”

A: 150

Select OK


Dividing remainder of Drawer equally in 2

Right-Click to select Bottom Drawer section > Divide

Tick “Equal divide” > 2Equal divide

Select OK

The bottom drawer section is divided into 2 equal drawers.


Return top section to Door

Right-Click to select top section > Door Panel


Door divided vertically into 2 equal doors

Right-click to select top section > Divide

Type = Vertical direction

Tick Equal divide > 2Equal divide

Select OK

Door is created on left and right side equally.

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