V10 | Adding a Simple Fireplace to a Design

 In KD Max, Tutorial, V10

Check-out this creative way to create a fireplace for your KD Max design



Firstly, create the base for the fireplace, to do this we will use a panel. Under Panel > Create Panel > Panel.
a. Change Shape to Random Polygon,
b. Change Thick to the desired height of the base and Orientation to Horizontal.


Draw out the desired shape for the base. Make use of Get offset point.
a. Use Move Point to make any final adjustments.


Add in a cabinet to use as the body of the fireplace. In this example, I used a Left Open Base unit.
a. After changing the location to Free Orientation (by surface) place the unit on the base.
b. Use the Move tool to finish locating the unit into position.


Add a Column to act as the flue


Add a Countertop to complete the unit.


Use the Material editor to re-texture the base, cabinet, and column. Use a front-facing image of a fireplace for the door texture.

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