Changing the Colour of Hardware in KD Max

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Tutorial Difficulty: Beginner

Follow these simple steps to learn how to change the colour of hardware such as tapware, handles and showerheads in KD Max.

Are you dealing with fussy customers who’d love to see their new project with brass tapware or black handles? KD Max allows you to change the colour of hardware quick and easily through the material edit function.

Step 1

To begin, simply layout the hardware that you’d like to use in your project. Disregard the colour as this will be changed later.

Step 2

Now navigate to Render > Material Editor to open the material edit function. This is the tool that is used to edit any surface in KD Max such as door colours, reflection levels and glass surfaces.

Step 3

Now with the material edit popup box open, navigate to the Colour tab.

Step 4

Now, to change the colours, use the RGB colour sliders to select your desired colour. A useful site for checking RGB values is

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