An Interview With Gavin Hepper : Insights in Design and Future

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Gavin Hepper is the Creative Director and founder of Concepts by Gavin Hepper, a successful design studio that has spent over 11 years taking projects from initial concept all the way through to installation and completion. As a leading member of the Australian Design Industry, Gavin utilises his extensive experience within his role as Chair of the NSW Committee of the KBDi and his numerous consulting and mentoring positions.

Concepts by Gavin Hepper established a relationship with the Cabinets by Computer team across the past 4 years through the studio’s installation and continued use of the KD Max 3D Design Program offered by Cabinets by Computer.

Gavin recently took the time to provide us with some insight into how his business operates, his advice and opinions regarding trends, and the future direction of the design industry. Gavin also provides some insight into his experience using 3D design and the KD Max Design program. Check out the full interview above.

To see some of Gavin’s designs come to life check out his Instagram here: @conceptsbygavinhepper

If you are interested in learning more about the KD Max 3D Design Program and how it could suit your business, visit the Cabinets by Computer website.

Or you can call the team from Cabinets by Computer via (03) 5254 3274

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