Why First Impressions Count

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Did you know first impressions are 94% design related!

We sometimes forget how important first impressions are, not only from a personal point of view but from the work we produce, whether it be a presentation, promotional content or a client’s design, it all needs to be at a high level.

It’s one thing to be present, well presented and on time, but if your presentation isn’t visually engaging or inviting to the client or group, you won’t be getting a call-back or the groups buy-in on what your presenting.

Our first impression when meeting someone face-to-face can affect our relationship long term. It affects whether or not we like someone if we think we can trust them, and if we intend to meet that person again.

Visual impressions are the same thing. Once you have made a negative first impression on a potential client, chances are they will not enjoy or look forward to coming back. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of sometimes judging a book by its cover – meaning visual appeal plays a large part in establishing your appeal and level of professionalism above your competitors, it gets you in the front door!

Let’s take a look at our latest offering KD Max 360 and why we think it’s a great add-value to your visual arsenal! For more info click – here 

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