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In today’s high-tech world, the creative process can be victimised.

The inspiration and creative process of design does not naturally fare well in a fast-paced world. Although both function’s need to coexist in order to survive in this highly competitive environment.

It’s not just design that influences today’s software, but also the ability to connect the process with budgets, measurements, invoices and all of the business elements as well.


The biggest “wow” factor software design tools provide is a visual experience for clients so they can truly see what their finished room will look like.

Having the ability to drag, drop and move products around in your kitchen design software is a great way to show client’s your creative, design and innovative abilities.

Today’s 3D design software, often draws from thousands of product catalogues to create renderings that accurately display what the finished product will look like.

“Easy to create 3D renders can assist in selling more designs much faster to potential clients. More consumers are wanting 3-D photo realistic views of their kitchens before a purchase decision is made.” says Brodie Airey, Cabinets by Computer.

Many of the current home renovation shows all use 3D design software to showcase what the space could look like after a render has been created.

“Providing clients with 3D-Renderings is a sure way to impress clients, but adding in a 360-degree panoramic view using virtual reality glasses offered by Cabinets by Computer and you have the wow factor,” says Brodie.“

Our clients are increasingly asking for, and are comfortable with looking at 3d design renders before purchasing is made.


The latest innovations in business management software is not always high-tech, but the benefits achieved are tremendous.

Combining KD Max and goCabinet’s can provide a very structured workflow, allowing the designer’s, kitchen and cabinet makers the ability to walk the clients through a methodical, consistent process.

This combination of tools can lead to an increased sales cycle pace, fewer deviations and fewer mistakes.

From the ease of use to well-created estimates that a designer can print out for their client, innovation provides streamlined efficiencies that you simply cannot put a price tag on.

There is a direct correlation between a happy client and a successful project. It’s one thing to have a beautiful and functional space at the end of a project, but most importantly, the process throughout the project must be positive.

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