Open – Foreign DWG File: AutoCAD Error Message

The below article gives a great understanding of how you can still use AutoCAD DWG files in BricsCAD. The step by step guide gives a great visual understanding and provides a detailed approach you can follow in order to access the files in BricsCAD and continuing to work effectively.

When you open a .dwg file that was saved by a program that was not developed by Autodesk®, such as BricsCAD®, you might get the following error message: “Open – Foreign DWG File | This DWG file was saved by an application that was not developed or licensed by Autodesk. What do you want to do?” Keep reading to find out what’s happening and what you should do next.

Can I still open my .dwg file in AutoCAD®?
Although this might seem alarming, don’t worry. You and your clients can still open .dwg files in AutoCAD®, even if they were saved with alternative CAD programs, such as BricsCAD®. If you’re creating .dwg drawings outside of Autodesk®, it’s a good idea to pre-warn people when you send them a file, so they don’t panic when they see the error message.

What to do next?
When the error message displays click “Continue opening DWG file”. To stop the dialogue box displaying again, check the “Always open DWG files regardless of origin” option.


After the file opens, the Command line will display this message: “Non-Autodesk DWG. This DWG file was saved by a software application that was not developed or licensed by Autodesk. Autodesk cannot guarantee the application compatibility or integrity of this file.

Command-line warning displays
Again, there is no need to panic. It’s just an informational message.

Why does the “Foreign DWG File” error message display?
This error message displays because of the AutoCAD® DWGCHECK system variable. The dialogue simply provides you with information and is shown just incase Autodesk® is unable to support the file. You will, however, find that AutoCAD® can typically support BricsCAD® files without issue. If you don’t believe us, put BricsCAD® to the test!

How to open DWG files effortlessly
The good news is, BricsCAD® doesn’t show you an error message when you open up a .dwg file, regardless of what application you used to save the drawing. That’s because BricsCAD® is highly compatible. In fact, we’re so confident of our compatibility that we urge you to put BricsCAD® to the test!

  1. Download the free, 30-day trial.
  2. Open up your .dwg drawings.

Article by  Rose Barfield

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