Importing colours into a KD Max drawing

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Tutorial Difficulty: Beginner

Follow these simple steps to learn how to download and import colour swatches into your KD Max drawings

Step 1

To begin download a .JPG file of the desired image. In this example, I am using Cinder from Polytec. To download the image, simply right-click on the swatch and select Save Image

Step 2

Now simply locate the downloaded colour swatch and drag the image onto a product in the drawing. This will update the material on the cabinet. Now simply navigate to render > material editor and select & apply the colour to the other cabinets in the drawing.

Bonus Step

To save the material into your library, navigate to Settings > Material Library. Now simply right-click the mouse and select Add new material. You’ll now need to locate the colour swatch and click OK. To create a new group of colours click New next to the Group tab.

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