2 Crucial Focuses for Improving Sales

With business becoming more competitive than ever, we’ve broken down two obvious but crucial focuses for accumulating more sales while providing some achievable examples for improving results.

Awareness and Exposure

This isn’t just a case of posting a weekly meme on your Facebook page. You need to be showcasing your product and your quality service. Photos of finished projects show exactly what you do and how good you are. Try to organise professional photography for your best work. The quality is exponentially better than what you can produce with your phone.

If you can’t regularly get content from your existing projects then turn to your designs. If you utilise a design program then you can produce attractive, quality content regularly without excruciating effort. Allowing you to show off your planning and creativity.

Providing An Elevated Service

This may seem an obvious suggestion but it needs to be emphasised. Exposure will bring more people through the door but quality service and product converts them. Importantly, it isn’t just about the end product. It’s about the service and additional offerings leading up to and after they’ve made the decision to go ahead.

Body language, your enthusiasm or simply offering a coffee go a long way. Drawing a quick sketch while you’re with them is obviously a great way to get on the same page but even that can be perfected. Try not to do a rushed, ugly scribble. Even if you don’t use this as an upsold service, if you have the time to meet with them then you have the time to provide something worth keeping and worth showing to others, creating more exposure.

Everything you do is a reflection of yourself and work. Whether it be posting online or how you’re acting in person. A business proves successful with more than just the product.

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