Creating a Wine Cabinet in KD Max

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Tutorial Difficulty: Beginner

Looking to create a wine cabinet in KD Max? Here we go over a few simple steps to create a wine cabinet with a glass door in KD Max.

Step 1

To begin select a glass door style. I am using door01_03 from the PureColor range.

Step 2

Layout a cabinet from the library, I am using a tall cabinet.

Step 3

Navigate to Door > Open > One unit and left click the cabinet to open the door.

Step 4

Navigate to Panel > Delete and left click on the adjustable shelves to remove them from the cabinet if necessary.

Step 5

Now navigate to Panel > Change Size and select the top panel on the cabinet. Change the H value of the panel (H: 1800 Base: Positive Side) to the overall height of the cabinet and set the base to positive side. This will extend the top panel to the bottom of the cabinet.

Step 6

Now navigate to Render > Material Editor and left click on the panel we have just extended. Now navigate to the Color tab and select the Texture box. We can now upload a JPG image of our wine cabinet. To flatten the image navigate to Render > Fit Map and left click the panel.

Step 7

Now simply close the door by navigating to Door > Close > One Unit / Multi and render the image. You will not see the JPG until the drawing is rendered.

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