BricsCAD A Real Alternative to AutoCAD?

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Is BricsCAD A Real Alternative to AutoCAD?  AutoCAD has been the reigning king of the CAD space for some time now, with competitors having come and gone over the years.

None previously appeared to have the overall functionality and the supporting infrastructure to cause AutoCAD users a need to move. In a recent move, AutoCAD has moved to make all its products subscription-based, meaning clients will need to pay a higher price for the software.

Competition to AutoCAD has come and gone over the years, as previously stated.  Perhaps the most serious threat and one of the first real contenders were IntelliCAD – a product secretly developed by Softdesk and then sold to Visio when Softdesk was acquired by Autodesk in 1996. Visio turned the IntelliCAD technology over to the IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC).  

IntelliCAD became the foundation technology for many application developments and others who re-branded the technology to launch solutions to compete with Autodesk’s products.  Many are introductory packages with the option to upgrade. None have really significant market share that threatens the AutoCAD market dominance.

BricsCAD – the rising AutoCAD competitor

The AutoCAD competitor offers 100% dwg compatibility and more functionality for–less than half of the AutoCAD rental price. The upcoming outlook is very positive, with a large number of inquiries and sales coming to Bricsys directly from former Autodesk customers wishing to retain the option of purchasing perpetual software licenses.

 As you may be aware, Autodesk stopped the sale of perpetual licenses recently for most of its products, including AutoCAD.

So, what is BricsCAD?

A modern, cost-effective CAD design platform. It is a faster and smarter way to create 2D drafting or 3D modelling CAD designs with a familiar CAD platform, all based on the industry-standard .dwg file format. 

It has a familiar interface and command structure that gets you comfortable and productive in no time. A broad range of third-party applications plugs into BricsCAD to give you powerful vertical market tools that help you get your work done faster.

BricsCAD brings more power, high compatibility and less cost to you. A modern, compact and reliable software that works on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems and is very compatible with AutoCAD® – from a user’s point of view, a developer’s perspective and from the CAD administrator’s chair. BricsCAD® supports innovative machine learning algorithms that simplify workflows and help you design better for today.

A quick summary of BricsCAD features below: 

  •         It is a fully functional 2D and 3D CAD application whose interface and commands are modelled after AutoCAD, for ease of use by experienced AutoCAD users.
  •         It reads and writes the standard DWG file format.
  •         Convert repeated geometry into blocks in seconds
  •         Draw faster and more accurately with adaptive grid-snapping and nearest distance.
  •         Use the power of AI to turn solids into fully parametric parts in seconds
  •         Built-in connection panel inside BricsCAD. Check-in and check-out files from directly inside BricsCAD.

Visit us at cabinets by computer and download your free BricsCAD trial version and let us know if it’s as good or better than AutoCAD.

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