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At Cabinets by Computer, we understand that all businesses at some point during this epidemic are encountering barriers in some way, shape or form. From a consumer point of view, spending has dropped as people begin to reassess their finances – and the same can be said for B2B companies as well.

No one is immune to experiencing a dip in revenue. The real question in all this is how can you better manage your business to reduce the dip in revenue and see passed the curve?

Take Your Head Out Of The Game and Plan!

Now’s the time to prepare for the long term rather than being purely reactionary in light of the circumstances. Cabinets by Computer has come up with a marketing strategy we think will work for most businesses.

The Game Plan

  • Be sure to keep up to date with the changing market and determine how you can best respond.
  • Monitor online behaviours and see how you can best position yourself online to reach your target audience.
  • Review your offering. How can you provide value to your customers in the here and now and how can you best market to them based on the circumstances? Think about what you need to push, cull, or put on the backburner
  • How are you producing sales and what can you do better to be more effective in this area?

With everyone on the lookout to see what’s happening, be sure to ease your clients’ nerves by communicating how you plan to meet the demands of the current market. You can achieve this by continuing to create fresh content applicable to the times. For example, as most people are self – isolating, you could attempt to push content that gives them ideas on things they can do at home to stay entertained. Your social media channels can reflect this too. Just make sure the content pertains to your industry and offering.

While we can’t predict when this will end, we can say for sure that the future belongs to businesses who are proactive.

If you’re still unsure of how to take the next steps, get in touch.

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