5 Reasons You Need to Implement 3D Design Software

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“A picture speaks a thousand words” and clients are ready to listen.
In the hunt for continual improvement in your business, it’s often a great thing to look at how you’re currently doing things and see if there is room enhancing your products or services through innovation and technology.
For cabinetmakers, builder or designers, one of the most prevalent problems is the struggle in effectively connecting a potential client with your vision for their project and ensuring you’re both on the same wave-length in terms of expected outcomes of the final product.

You wouldn’t buy a new house blindfolded, so why should we expect clients to have to visualise their new kitchen or bathroom from some line drawings or plans before giving the go ahead?
Kitchen Design Layout

Today, the advent of technology has allowed us to create 3D renders of projects with minimal effort.
This is something which is hugely advantageous because after all, there is no better way to understand and have a feel for a new design than to see exactly how it is going to look.
3D designs allow your potential customers to visualise their new projects rather than having to rely on their imagination, allowing features like finger-pull doors and drawers to really shine through and give the client a true representation of how it will look in their room.
Take a moment to think about the way you are currently designing…now how well do you think you could handle these customer request on the spot:


“I want to see that kitchen design with a different laminate”.
“I’d like to check out the drawers with brass handles”.
“Now I want no handles”.
“I’d like the size of those 3 cabinets to be different, and change that one from doors to drawers”.


What’s your answer going to be? “I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to get back to you on that one”?
With a 3D design tool, many of these complex changes (difficult to change on a 2D line drawing) could, in fact, be relatively small changes which only takes a few seconds.

3D design is not just a fast and efficient way to improve your sales process, but also an avenue for up-selling your prospects. When you present a design to the client, you have the opportunity to show different or better options with relative ease. You’ll also be better equipped to make informed decisions on a design that’s perfect for your clients by getting real-time feedback.
As 3D presentations of projects begin creeping into your area and become ‘normal’ with your clients, you’re fast going to be hit with the question of ‘can I see my design in 3D?’. Answer with “No” and you run the risk of your clients not having the confidence that you’ll be able to provide them with exactly the design/project they are after and you may even lose the customer to another business who does complement their sales process with a 3D design.
Here are five reasons why you need to invest in 3D design software in your business, and fast.

5. Stand out in the market.

It’s no surprise that the home renovating industry is popular. What would it mean to you and your business to stand out amongst a crowd? Creating and presenting visually impressive projects will not only attract more clients but will also boost the chances of your business standing out against your competitors, helping you to get more market share, more sales and charge a premium for your work.
Get the first-in bonus and the chance to cement yourself as the leaders in your field by adapting 3D technology in your sales process today.

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3D rendering is already being used by thousands of building professionals. Ask yourself, ‘how important is it for me to keep up with the demands of such a competitive market?’
Clients are bombarded with options when looking for someone to take control of their new renovation, so it is important to keep the competitive edge and stand out so you don’t get left behind with the evolving market.


Want to know how you can get a step ahead today? Get in touch with us to learn about how KD Max 3D design software can revolutionise the way you do business. Chat with one of our consultants to see how easily you can begin creating great 3D presentations.





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