The 3 P’s to a Perfect Pitch : Presentation

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Preparation, Presentation, and Participation.

These are the 3 P’s to a perfect pitch (try saying that ten times fast). It may sound simple, it may sound silly but that’s how you are going to remember the 3 major considerations when it comes to selling your offering to a client. The second part of this series delves into the P of “Presentation”.
It is suggested that 60% of the population are visual learners. This statistic should stay in your mind because it shows how important it is for you to focus on far more than just what you are going to say when making your perfect pitch. You also need to focus on what you are going to SHOW.
Recall back to your days at school listening to a teacher blab on about a topic for an hour. How much of that did you pay attention to? That teacher may have rehearsed that speech a million times and likely made the exact speech to previous students, but words alone simply aren’t enough to capture someone’s full attention. Pictures and visuals work so well when attempting to make a sale. Letting a customer see what they are going to get rather than relying on your description to build a visualisation. This goes a long way to even getting someone’s attention, let alone getting their sale.
Look to KD Max for another example of how important visuals are for convincing clients. Cabinet Makers across Australia utilise KD Max to show their clients exactly what they will be providing with their new kitchen or bathroom. Making gestures and describing how “a set of drawers will go here” pale in comparison to letting a customer see a photo-realistic design of how their kitchen can look.
KD Max not only offers stunning images for clients but enables cabinet makers to create fly-through videos of their kitchen design. A greater step forward from that is virtual reality features which enable clients to view a panorama of their kitchen design on their screen or through a headset.

Depending on your business, there are a multitude of relevant presentation tips to improve your selling. However, there are 4 important layers of presentation that all business professionals should consider.

-Personal: The way you dress, speak, and generally present yourself. You are a representative of your product. If you aren’t at your best, then neither is your offering in the eyes of the consumer.

-Informative: Relating to “Preparation”, it is important you can provide both the information and statistics that a client may find interesting AND the information that you know they are interested in.

-Visual: Give your client something to see or even better yet, something to share. With KD Max, clients have an amazing image of what their brand-new kitchen can look like. In this increasingly online world, these images may be shared straight to all their friends. You may not have just won one sale but created a thousand new potential clients amazed by a single design. Cabinet Makers and designers use KD Max to create their stunning visuals. Take time to discover what visuals you can use to enhance your offering.

-Amazing: Something a little extra that puts a cherry on top of your presentation. Such as KD Max providing its fly-through videos and virtual reality. Your layer of amazing leaves your client with an extra “wow” that will keep them thinking and can get them talking.

Great presentation is about variety. A mixture of well-prepared talking points and stunning visuals will allow you to bring that “wow” factor into your client meetings and go a great deal to helping you walk out of those meetings with a sale.
If you are blessed with someones attention you better be sure that you are making the most of it. This is why your presentation plays the dominant role in perfecting your pitch and convincing someone during the short time you have their attention . A strong way to keep someones attention in a pitch though is to get them involved in the pitch. This is the focus of the next part of this series where participation becomes key.


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