Virtual Reality is Not a Fad

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In this rapidly expanding technological landscape, companies and users are always looking to utilise the newest innovation. However, for every success found with the likes of the iPhone or Uber, there are disappointments like the recent Google Glass. A technology that is released to fanfare and excitement but eventually fades due to its limited practicality as a continued tool.
Virtual Reality is not just a marketing buzzword. VR has the potential to change the way in which so many businesses conduct sales and provide customers with the ultimate service. Virtual Reality by definition is the emulation of reality, meaning that the user gets to perceive an experience as being the closest to what may actually occur in real life. The benefits of virtual reality are already showing in the cabinetry industry and the team at Cabinets by Computer have noticed just that.


“I now convert every single one of my 3D drawings for new potential customers into a VR scene….with a conversion rate of at least 80%”

Cabinets by Computer offer virtual reality as an added feature to the 3D design software, KD Max and a growing number of cabinet makers are choosing to add VR to their package with the capabilities continually impressing.
The standard KD Max design software allows users to design 3D rooms for their clients and produce photo-realistic images of these designs. Through virtual reality, KD Max is now capable of allowing users to view and navigate their entire room design through their own eyes. Being able to look around the room with 360 degree vision and evoking the atmosphere of standing in their brand new kitchen or bathroom for real. One particular Melbourne based KD Max user boasted his success rate of using VR on all of his new clients: “I now convert every single one of my 3D drawings for new potential customers into a VR scene….with a conversion rate of at least 80%” Check out an example of a VR scene here. 
Virtual reality is not a fad. It is not just a unique way to play video games. Virtual reality is a revolutionary technology that can help business as a whole increase presentation and the experience offered to customers. Cabinets by Computer have shown how it can help those in cabinetry and residential construction. Go find out the ways virtual reality can become the reality for your own business.
To find out more about KD Max design software and its virtual reality capabilities, you can call the team on (03)5254 3274 or email info@cabinetsbycomputer.com
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