Using The Material Edit Tool to Transfer Colours in KD Max

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Tutorial Difficulty: Beginner

Follow these simple steps to learn how to use the material edit tool to apply colours from cabinet to cabinet. This is perfect if you have a door profile in your design but can’t find the correct colour.

Step 1

To begin select a door colour under the Global Style Settings. I have chosen a door colour with a door style. I am using door01_03 from the PureColor range.

Step 2

Layout a cabinet from the library that is using the chosen door profile, I am using a base cabinet.

Step 3

Navigate back to Settings > Global Style Settings and select a new Door colour. Click OK to confirm the changes.

Step 4

Layout a second cabinet using the new door colour. This will be used to transfer the colour to the original cabinet.

Step 5

Now navigate to Render > Material Edit to open the material editor tool. Now left-click the second cabinet that was placed (using the colour that will be applied to the other cabinet) to bring the information into the Material Edit tool.


Step 6

Now click the Apply tick-box to begin applying the colour. To apply the colour simply left click on the desired door.

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