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KD Max is a kitchen cabinet software solution for creating 3D kitchen renders for your clients in minutes.

Photo-Realistic Rendering, Huge Library, Working Drawings & Quotation, Plans & Elevations

Intuitive and user friendly interface | Innovative dynamic light setting | Accurate cabinetry dimension

KD Max is a kitchen design software solution for creating Hyper-Realistic 3D designs for your clients’ kitchens & bathrooms in minutes.

KD Max is the kitchen design 3D planner that empowers you to design and plan cabinets.

This easy-to-use design software tool enables you to create hyper-realistic 3D kitchens, bathrooms and laundries for your clients in minutes. As well as 3D designs, KD Max also creates:

  • Quotations
  • Plans and
  • Elevations.

KD Max is more than just a 3D kitchen layout tool. KD Max can be used to draw other rooms in your clients’ homes, such as:

  • Laundries
  • Home entertainment units
  • Offices
  • Wardrobes and
  • More.

The extensive library of materials makes it easy for you to ‘fit-out’ your kitchen, bathroom and other room designs to create realistic and engaging spaces.


Once your drawings are complete, simply execute the smart lighting tool and  obtain attractive and hyper-realistic 3D kitchen designs.

Once you understand how to design in KD Max and have had some practise, you will be completing realistic designs in hours!


KD Max makes selling designs easier.  The images do the selling!  With KD Max, you can create hyper-realistic 3D designs in shorter time.

Some clients can be unsure what they would like designed. Getting them to make changes at the eleventh hour is both costly and time consuming.

If clients make changes after seeing your KD Max design at the start of the project, it proves cost effective for you and them.


The KD Max software has many features:

  • Personalised library of cabinets and door styles
  • Huge library of accessories
  • Lightning fast rendering
  • Smart lighting (creates photo realism)
  • Plans and elevations
  • Real time dimensions
  • Quotations
  • Technical Support

With KD Max, your kitchen cabinet designs and overall design will stand out – your clients will love them!

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