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Episode 2 – Factory dynamics and workflow | Inventory Storage System

Ben Fatchen from Cabinet Systems & Darrel Aldridge from SCM Group Australia talk about the implementation of the SCM Flexstore inventory storage system in Port Elliot, South Australia.

In this episode, we explore the workflow and management of processing orders using the Flexstore, and both Ben & Darrel highlight the importance of integrating the solution with good quality software.


A typical production process utilising the Flexstore and Morbidelli cell is the material is read into the flexstore system, the operator puts thematerial into the loading dock, chooses the appropriate order code for that material, the software then takes over, allocates the storage position for the material and manages the stock level for us.


The machine will always give priority to the router, so you can do a number of things at once with the machine, if you have the loading bay full, the machine will put the material away but it will also take material from the loading bay and give it to the router, so it doesn’t have to double
handle. The router will always get first priority, taking out of the storage will get second priority because it knows you need it for another machine, and putting away and moving gets the next priority – so you don’t have to think about that, the machine does that.


Once the order has been generated in the office it gets sent down to the machine. The operator can choose that job, put it into the system, press play and the machine will activate and start to process that job.


What the operator sees is quite simple, but the supervisor software is handling quite a lot in the background to create that integrated cell. It’s designed to make it easy for the operator, basically all he does is load the job and press play.


Probably the biggest thing we identified throughout the process was the importance of our software as well, getting the maximum benefit out of the Flexstore, we really needed to look at our current software, which was where Cabinets by Computer really came in and helped. As we’ve looked at new technologies and new techniques, the guys have been able to look at the software needs of our business. Between SCM and Cabinets by Computer the integration was great and we have that rapport between the two companies to support us with what we were trying to achieve.


What made it really good is when you have a software company that is able to do what you need, it makes it really easy for us. Having
to adapt the software has been key, we looked at some of the pre-packaged software solutions that are out there and when they are coming from a multi-national company, they really don’t seem to care about the unique situation that the Australian market is in.


We had some programming changes that were made on the fly as the installation of the Flexstore and the Morbidelli went in that Cabinets by Computer just jumped straight onto and really tailored it to what we were after.  That’s what you get when you deal with someone that is local to the industry and understands the Australian market.

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